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Helping a Compromised Immune System and Low Immune System

In a world full of all types of germs, some of which can be easily spread from one person to another having a compromised immune system will mean that you will spend most of your time in bed nursing aches, sniffles and other discomforts. It does not help that most of the foods available today […]

The Many Benefits of Colloidal Silver Products and Silver Water

Colloidal silver products include silver water which consists of tiny silver particles that are suspended in distilled ion-less water. They derive their name from the word “colloid”, which is the chemical name for a solid (silver) dispersed throughout a liquid base. The silver particles are very small and this allows them to penetrate pathogens at […]

Understanding Dog Dry Skin Issues

Zeus had been a charming puppy for weeks after he joined us before his high spirits were reversed by recurrent dry skin issues at a time when I knew very little about dog dry skin or any useful remedies of dog skin problems. Zeus’ condition deteriorated rather quickly and caused us great concern because he […]

The Impact Colloidal Silver Has On Dog Skin Problems and Dog Dry Skin

Colloidal silver is a liquid anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal that’s been touted as preventing and treating a wide array of conditions in dogs such as dog dry skin and other dog skin problems. Colloidal as opposed to plain silver does imply that some tiny, sub-microscopic silver particles are suspended in the liquid base. It does […]