Prenatal Multi 16oz.

Prenatal Multi 16oz.

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Liquid Health’s Prenatal Multivitamin is one of the premier liquid prenatal vitamins and supplements available today. It is formulated with the help of doctors, midwives, and other medical professionals. Proper prenatal vitamins and nutrition and care can help to promote a healthy pregnancy and baby. Prenatal supplementation can help breastfeeding and pregnant women meet the needs of their body and a growing baby. Get the best prenatal vitamins from Liqiud Health, Inc.

Most health professionals agree that prenatal supplements—when taken daily alongside a balanced, healthy diet—can help provide the levels of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs when pregnant or nursing. Liquid Health™ Prenatal Multi is one of the premier liquid prenatal vitamins formulated to deliver the vital nutrients that both babies and mothers need. This is more than just a few prenatal vitamins, it is a comprehensive liquid prenatal supplement.

What makes Liquid HealthPrenatal Multi better than other liquid prenatal multivitamins and liquid prenatal supplements on the market?

Liquid prenatal vitamins help expectant and breastfeeding mothers support healthy nervous and immune systems, maintain energy levels, and enhance bone health. Fatigue and stress can be major issues for pregnant women. All of the nutrients that a baby receives come from its mother. If the mother is deficient in a vitamin or mineral, their baby’s health can be affected.

Liquid Health Prenatal Multi’s comprehensive formula maximizes the nutrition needed by every woman, whether they are expecting or not. Unlike tablets or pills, Liquid Health’s Prenatal Multi is almost fully absorbed by the body. This means more nutrients are delivered to the womb, where they are most needed. Also, there is no room for fillers or binders in this supplement. You are getting what is on the label and nothing else! Containing whole food folate and natural vitamins and minerals, Liquid Health Prenatal Multi is a great choice for any woman who needs a liquid prenatal vitamin and is concerned about both her health and the health of her developing child.

Liquid Health Prenatal Multi contains folate.

Folic acid found in many liquid prenatal vitamins is not natural. It must be converted to folate in the liver for the body to utilize this important nutrient. Folic acid is the synthetic, less bioavailable form of folate. Almost all multivitamins and prenatal supplements use the synthetic form of folic acid. However, our brand of liquid prenatal vitamins and supplement is different. Read the label carefully to see if you are getting true folate or synthetic folic acid. Liquid Health Prenatal Multi uses only 100% organic certified lemon-peel extract, which is a whole food source of folate. Nature knows best when it comes to nutrition. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recommended that all women of childbearing age consume at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily to reduce their risk of having a pregnancy affected by spina bifida or other neural tube defects. Liquid Health Prenatal Multi delivers twice this recommendation: 800 mcg!